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Mantally the tired!!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Now that I am dealing with piles of information from the internet and trying to condense it into one assignment… I truly understand the meaning of being the ‘mantal’. What with assignments and seminars and tests one after the other.. Only the mantally the sick can the do all this I say!!

First I have to collect a piece of news, shoot a video of it and make a news-bite out of it. Then I have to make a documentary (for 30 minutes!! Even if I did, would you sit through it??), then write like 4 assignments on very similar looking different topics! All this, along with attending regular classes. Because I simply do not have the talent of gathering all the notes one day before the exam and studying in one night!
But what really gets to me is that, after taking so much pain, I learnt only one thing. I can never finish an assignment even one day before the deadline! It has to be the last night before the deadline. Even if the assignment is given a month before, the last minute writing is always there. I don’t think it is just me.. It is like a students’ tradition I guess.
One month before the deadline we’re like “oh there’s time... Let me relax...”

Two weeks before the deadline we make up our mind to start the research before starting to write.
One week before the date, our Google search shows the assignment topics, among Facebook, images, YouTube,, movie show timings and others.

Three days before the deadline, we read all the information collected, and fall asleep on the table.
Two days before, we start editing, typing, writing, texting about it, and worrying.

One day before, we realize that about 75% of the assignment is pending and forget to have dinner. We sit through the night, freak out, write or type the whole thing, finish it at around midnight and finally crash!
The next day is when we hand in the assignments, sit down, sigh loudly and feel ‘mantally the tired’!!
Am I right??

PS:my blog is now 21 posts old! that's almost as old as i am!!


Kanthu said...

21yrs old, 7 months on blogger, 21 posts, not bad I would say. Atleast wen compared to me..:-)

And dont wory. Its perfectly normal to be not able to submit assignments in time. Only retards do such things on time..;-)

Sujatha Sathya said...

your age & # of blog posts = 21 !! :)

very similar looking different topics? now who on earth can crack that!

Shruthi said...

@Kanthu- actually there are those kinds of retards in our class!
@Sujatha Sathya- ya! it's like impact of globalization on tv and new media in today's world... drives me crazy!

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