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47 'new' reasons why I LOVE MY AMMA

Thursday, October 20, 2011

It is my mother's birthday and I'm not with her :(
But I don't feel so bad any more that I am not with her. Here is my birthday card for Amma...

47 'new' reasons why I LOVE MY MOM

1.     My mom is the most beautiful woman I have seen. I can try all kinds of cosmetics and never see myself nearly as beautiful as her.
2.     For a small and petite woman she is capable of taking surprisingly heavy loads. For example, me.
3.     She makes the most delicious akki rotti-chutney in the world.
4.     I love the smile on her face when she gets a ‘white chocolate’ (Milky Bar)
5.     She can solve the very hard su-do-ku puzzle in minutes.
6.     She is the best teacher I have ever had; she taught me how to live and that’s why I love my mom.
7.     My mother writes amazing poetry; I love it that she has written one about me.
8.     When I have completely given up on everything she does everything to make me smile.
9.     She supports me ,more than four pillars can support a roof.
10.  I love the way she hugs me when I go home for the weekend.
11.  I love the way she laughs at all my jokes.
12.  I love the jokes she tells me, even if it is read out from magazines.
13.  I love the way she wonders how I turned out to be so perfect.
14.  I love the way she trusts my decision.
15.  I love it that she asks me for fashion tips.
16.  I love the innocence with which she watches Tom and Jerry
17.  I love the way she grumbles about school.
18.  I love the way she corrects her students’ papers and gives extra marks.
19.  I love the way she asks for help in the kitchen.
20.  I love how she asks if she can help with my project.
21.  I love the way she makes faces when I say ‘Chinese food’
22.  I love the way she can sit inside the house and feel it when dad is at the corner of the road.
23.  love the way she fusses over me before I go out.
24.  When she calls and asks me when I can bunk class and come home..
25.  I love it when people say ‘you look just like your mom’.
26.  When she doesn’t agree that I am taller than her.
27.  When she says, ‘what do I wear tomorrow? I have no sarees…’ like a teenager…
28.  I love it that when I was a kid she told me kiddish jokes and when I was a teenager she told me teenager jokes.
29.  I love the way she cooks
30.  I love the way she cleans up my room
31.  I love the way she pleads me to stop chatting so that she can play chess on my laptop.
32.  I love it that she can beat my computer in chess.
33.  When she watches serials on tv..
34.  When she chooses what she’s eating in a hotel
35.  When she ALWAYS asks for dosa.
36.  The way she always agrees to dad
37.  The way she always agrees with me
38.  The way she tells me; ‘don’t argue, I don’t know how to argue with you!’
39.  I love it that she is ALWAYS strong when I am weak.
40.  I love it that she never lets me down.
41.  I love it that she trusts my decisions, no matter what it is. I listen to her by my own choice.
42.  I love the way she passed her patience to me
43.  I love it that she thinks I am better than her, when I have always thought I want to be like my mom. It is true, I want to become like my mom.
44.  I simply love her ‘motherliness’.
45.  I love it when she says ‘it is so boring without you’!
46.  I love the way she makes fun of all the other grown-ups, as though she is one of the kids.
47.  I love my mother, for the obvious reason that I love my mother.



Sujatha Sathya said...

she is beautiful
and happy birthday to her

soloejigu said...

you love your AMMA cz you love yourself. Really your mom has born herself. Please convey my wish.." Anti, Happy birthday!!!"

Shruthi said...

@sujatha and @solomon- thank you!

leoPaw said...

My birthday wishes to her.

rickesh alias ricky said...


Krishna Sruthi Srivalsan said...

This is such a lovely post :)I can totally relate because I wasn't around for my mother's birthday either and my gift to her was a post on my blog too :D

Someone is Special said...

very beautiful Shruthi.. Convey my wishes to your mom..

Someone is Special

sarakh said...

i loVe mY maA......

Parshuram Davangeri said...

Hey nice,,,

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