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Letter to the future Me

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dated 11th October 2050
I mean hello.. Mam.. How are you? I hope your health is okay.. If you have BP due to all the needless tension you took in your youth, I’m terribly sorry. I am also sorry for not eating enough curry leaves to maintain your hair colour. But hey.. I never got addicted to make up or cosmetics.. So even now any time of the day you will look naturally beautiful (You’re welcome!).
I hope you are very busy completing your next book or designing your grand-daughter’s clothes. If you are still deciding on a climax for your first book then you are such a loser!! (I know I have to respect your age and all but this is unforgivable). I know you’re retired from the most recent job you had. Don’t sit and count your farewell gifts.. You’re 60 for heaven’s sake! Even if you worked there for just a few years you end up leaving a mark don’t you? I knew you had it in you! I know you never became a live reporter, I know you never reported politics and I am pretty sure you still can’t speak extempore. But that’s okay, you can do lots more like play the guitar and draw portraits in 10 minutes. So don’t worry about being insufficiently talented like I do now!
Here is a list of things you should have seen by now at any cost!!. If you are able to tick all then good for you.
·        Italy- Vatican city and Rome and all those places described in Angels and demons.

·        France- Effil tower with all those magical lightings.

·        Greece- all those greek temples from art history class.

·        Egypt- the pyramids..

·        Spain – for the Tomatina festival J and……

·        One Indian village where there is no mobile network, TV, internet connection and beauty parlour. 

      I am pretty sure those will be available for a long time from now… so if you can say “hey! I’ve been there” for all these places then I say “you have REALLY lived your life!!!” (I’m sure you would have gone to all these places with only one person)
I am sorry for all those days you spent as a college student, hanging out in college alone and stupidly crying because you’re always short of friends. Now that I’m reminding you, you’ll just say “don’t remind me of it! You were so dumb when it comes to choosing the right company!” yeah you’re right. But now you are fine with people, they all like you because you are nice to them all. I started that in you. So you’re welcome. ;)
I hope now you have realized that as long as you have your family, you’re just fine. As long as you get up every morning being wished by a 64 year old somebody, who still gets you roses and chocolates……. As long as you both are planning on how you both are going to meet in the next birth.. Everything is going great!! Keep up the good work on your life!
PS: you need not be formal and thank me for all those memories I preserved in a dozen diaries. But it took a lot of patience and time.
PPS: if time travel is possible then mail me one feature/article and a documentary script on 11th October 2011, at 10:40 pm. (my assignment… please help….) :(

with lots of expectations..


Vishal Kataria said...

60 in 2070. So just 1 in 2011? ;)

I hope the Egyptian, Greek and Roman structures exist even then. I would love our grandchildren to be able to witness the sheer magnitude of our ancestors' genius.

I hope you'll start eating enough curry leaves now to maintain your hair colour...

Shruthi said...

hey thanks for pointing out that mistake. i got confused. hard not to be.. it is, after all, the future. and lets be positive and assume that our grandchildren get to see all that defined beauty in out time..

Kanthu said...

Visiting places, Hopping jobs, Marrying the one whom they love, Writing a book. Seems like too many ppl have the same kinda future planned for themselves..:-)

Good post though.

And I thought someone told me that the world's gonna end in 2012. I have set a remainder for 21st Dec 2012 saying "December Fool"..;-)

Shruthi said...

@kanthu.. thanks!
don't think I have just those 4 goals in life. those are the stuff I let people know..
and the world is Not going to end next year. why believe it first and fool yourself later?

leoPaw said...

Love the post. All I can understand is, u are such a strong minded and a passionate girl. My best wishes.

Vatican, that's one place I want to visit before 60/ 2044..

Sujatha Sathya said...

what a letter! loved the premise! i had written a post to a younger me "To Me With Love" but this was so different :)
an indian village with no connectivity - yaaaa
i really liked the way you saw into the future

Shruthi said...

@leoPaw and @Sujatha- thank you!

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