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The Auto Man

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Similar to the Umbrella Man (Roald Dahl), the auto-man is also a con man. Even today he pulls off cheap tricks to pocket money that is not rightfully his. He is a common species and overshadows the honest auto drivers to such an extent that it makes me swear off auto rickshaws for the lifetime.
Now that’s a formal introduction. What I’m exactly trying to say is auto-drivers especially in Bangalore….. Huff!! I swear I'm never going to travel by an auto Ever EVER again!!

Today I thought I was lucky to find one who actually turned the meter down and drove without a word. I asked him direction to get to this place and he even offered to drive me closer to there. Lost in the delight I handed him a crisp Rs.100 note a minute before getting down. He happily pocketed it.  Being a wretched decent human being I expected him to hand me the change when we stopped. To my surprise the fellow claims I never gave him any money!! If he has so much of a financial crisis I don't mind helping him out.. But not when he thinks he can take me for a ride!  
I have come across drivers who demand three times the normal amount for short distances just because they “it’s an interior area” or “a one way” and “they don’t get anybody to drive back”. I have come across those who tamper with the meter so that it innocently clicks away to twice the normal amount because everybody believes the meter. I have even seen the egoistic type who simply shake their heads and drive off(that really gets onto my nerves! . But this, I think, crossed all limits. And we, the commuters, are helpless. We need them, and they know it. Which is why, on a rainy day the fare is higher. In terms of economics it works perfectly. Someone really needs to get these geniuses out of economics class and teach them moral science.
This time, again, I decided to forgive the auto-man. I hope there will not be a next time. i hope we all can start using bicycles instead of autos :)