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Its 2012!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The year we have all been dreading and waiting for has finally arrived!!! IT IS 2012!!
it is kind of sad that 2011 has gone by; it passed like a flash and click of a camera. it was a good year, 2011.

the year i shopped the most in my whole life.
the year i made the most number of friends.
the year I watched 'Brave Heart' and 'Big Bang Theory'
the year i attended my first concert and my wore my first 'press' ID card.
I was doing the 'countdown' on my laptop clock and when the seconds hand struck a straight 12, the calendar for December 2011 swiftly moved aside, making way for Jan 2012. made me want to pull back that December and give it one last kiss, and say Goodbye... *sniff!*

anyway from 2012 onward,
1. i will write/blog regularly
2. i will stop biting my nails, and
3. i'll stop sulking for silly things. and be happy!
this last one i recommend for everyone else too..! I hope this year turns out a hundred times better that the last! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!

It’s just Birthday luck….

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Call me lucky and I’ll agree. Wholeheartedly. Because I’m committed to a man who is out-of-this-world head-in-the-clouds romantic. (Good thing he’s tall, so his feet can also touch the ground). But my parents don’t know about this yet; I have still not got the right moment to break it to them. And according to my horoscope in about six newspapers and four magazines, that moment is unlikely to come for the next few years.
Anyway, call me lucky again because my birthday last year was one of those very lucky days.
At the stroke of midnight I was in bed, phone in hand, waiting for Prince Charming to call and wish me. And as you know, a watched pot….. never rings (quoted by Monica in FRIENDS). Twenty minutes into my special day and the call never came. Just as those tears were ready to sneak out and party, he called, and answered my “Hello” with “What?? I can’t hear you!! There’s no network in your room.. come to your balcony…”
Of course I obeyed. I walked over to the balcony. Looked down on impulse, and there he was! With a rose in hand!! And a tiny box tied to it. !!!

While I stood there staring at him he slowly stepped up the gate, then on the wall next to it and pulled himself up. The next second he was in my balcony, kneeling, holding a rose and a beautiful ring.
As luck would have it, my Dad had chosen the exact same moment to sleepily get out of bed and get a glass of water. In the kitchen. Which is right next to the balcony. Oops!

So we’re standing there in the balcony, (my guy still kneeling), all speechless, and I realized that Dad is still a little sleepy. Quickly I turned to my guy and started singing “Main tumse kahungi.. is baat to agar tum, zara aur saja ke keh de.. toh achcha hota……..!!” did I act like Preity Zinta does while singing these lines in Lakshya? Of course I did! Anything to make my dad believe he’s dreaming! 

My boyfriend also joined in, “agarrr mai kahuuu……………..” lucky for me, Dad had seen this movie on TV just a few days back. He blinked, turned and went into the kitchen for water. In a span of those precious two minutes, I took the ring, said “yes!”, closed the balcony door and ran back to my room. The Hero jumped down, started his bike and rode off.
Next morning when I woke up Dad was sipping his coffee. He wished me Happy Birthday, stared at my face for an extra few seconds and went back to his coffee, deep in thought. When he got up to get the newspaper I thought I heard him muttering “Strange dreams…!”
Ufff!! Lucky me!!     

(this post is written for the "Sets you on Fire" contest on Indiblogger.)