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Friday, August 19, 2011

It shows in the faceless eyes,
Its roots in the mind clawing deep;
to sing to yourself a lull-a-by
and still manage to fall asleep.
A trifle uneasy to smile alone..
a trifle uneasy to weep……
from beneath the un-held hands
the worms of solitude creep.........

PS: I have the awesomest friends and I an absolutely happy :) this is just a poem

A single kid’s lament

Saturday, August 13, 2011

This post is a sad, gloomy one so before things get weepy let me wish everyone Happy Raksha Bandhan!
Today is all about brothers and sisters, colourful Rakhis and thoughtful gifts in return.
On a sibling’s fest, when the newspapers are filled with articles about the bonds between brothers and sisters, who will listen to a single child lament about how miserable life can get without a sibling at home?

Oh to hell with all the drama about how “I love being the single child” and “I get all the love and attention” crap. I don’t want all the attention; why do I need to be a celebrity in the family all my life? I need someone to share the lime light!
Seriously, there should be a day in the whole year of 365 days, dedicated to single children who don’t have an annoying brother or sister who occasionally tends to check their secret cupboards and read personal diaries. Kids who don’t have someone to tell all their fears to and have them laugh at you, though deep inside they’re concerned and constantly looking out for you. For all the single girls who run behind boys on Raksha Bandhan, genuinely wanting to share some sisterly love and have them run away like the Rakhi is a ticking time bomb…

because as happy as we are to have all of the parents’ undivided love and care showered over us, the fact of not having a sibling always remains like a hollow ache in the heart. It is like life is never complete without fighting over sharing a bedroom. Getting to keep a lot of secrets is never as much fun as telling it to a younger sibling and watching him threaten to let it slip when the grownups are around. I’m pretty sure there is much more to bonds between brothers and sisters than what I know.. how i wish.......................
well.. Happy Raksha Bandhan to one and all! 

Happy birthday poem

Monday, August 8, 2011

This poem is exclusively dedicated to Sandhya, my super awesome friend who celebrated her birthday yesterday.
On this very special day, I’ll just say,
that poems travel a long long way
that’s why this one was always ‘on the way’
but here it is today!!
Wishing you a happy happy birthday!
Of course I know that won’t do!
This verse is something old and new
of the last years that fleetingly flew
behind us, as we grudgingly grew;
reminding today, how much I miss you.
Of all the memories that lay afloat
in my mind, it is hard to quote
the most memorable, hard to note
the funniest joke, for me to gloat
what an awesome person I got to know! ;)
I hope, Someday on your birthday,
A poem like this will travel a long way
and blink and beep on your new iPhone
while you’re listening to your favorite tune
driving on a highway in a Bugatti (or something!)
Off to a day of mountain climbing,
backpack full of chocolate bars…
I wish you everything nice, earth to stars.
And Every year on this day
(might be late, I can’t say B))
my poem will travel a long way
Like it did today
to wish you a happy happy birthday!