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My shoes, your shoes

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yesterday I was going ga-ga over pretty peep-toes and pumps, craving for new shoes. Today somehow the same word directed to a different conversation in my head. Going through this post and a friend of mine reacting to it in her blog, it got me thinking. 

There was a time when we humans were all kind, and selfless, and considerate of each other. I’m not good with dates so I don’t know when exactly that was. But now, all said and done, to be kind to someone we have to stand in their shoes and empathise. And I’m sorry, but others’ shoes don’t fit me at all! I wear my own pair of soiled grimy ones and I like to complain!

Complaining comes easily, while shopping for groceries, driving in maddening traffic, hiring an auto in the city, standing in a queue…….! Does this list ever end? Every shoe comes with an opinion; mine came with a burning hate for auto drivers, buses, bikes, cars, pedestrians, cyclists, gift shop owners, customer service…! We have been cheated or annoyed by everyone, and we are on a life’s mission to get even with each one. Kindness is absolutely jobless here!

For example, I go back home from work every day by car (which my dad drives), around 6:30 in the evening. That is when all offices close, buses are crowded, kids cycle back home from tuitions, and people take evening walks in the dust. And the relationship between my father and me is such that, while other little princesses give their dads nice teddy bear hugs, we express our love by complaining about the traffic. Every evening. 

“Look at those bikers speeding! They could get hit and they don’t care!”

“It’s such a big car in such a small road!”

“These pedestrians have no sense of discipline! They just cross the road like we’re invisible!”

And last but not the least..

“Why the high beams??? You’re not on a highway!!”

Well, I stand by the last one. But when I go on a bike I prefer to squeeze between the heavy vehicles and speed away, not bothering about the big cars stuck in a jam. If there is a slight mishap, everyone yells at everyone, when it takes hardly a minute to say “Sorry” and move on. When I’m crossing the street I expect a speeding car to wait for me. Honk more than once and I would be all “Oh Mr.Big Shot had a car and wants everyone out of his way! This is not your street and I’m not moving faster for your sake!” 

I’m just saying, I’m in my shoes and it is really comfortable. I refuse to try on everyone’s hoes and be kind to every person a meet, because then I will never have my way!

So bottom line- yes it is tough to be kind. I wish it was easier. I wish we could wash all that filth out of our shoes…. I wish it was that simple..!