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How time flies!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Day after day we spent writing ten assignments together, attending 6-hour classes and hoping for things to change. And all of a sudden voila! It is the day exactly one year after the first time we sat in this department, as students of mass communication and journalism. 20th September 2010, the unforgettable, when it took me an hour to pick out the exactly right outfit and another hour to pack everything I might need for the adventure of first day at college. I remember clearly, I had never carried a heavier bag and never had a happier day….
This year was the most eventful one in my whole life, but there are some highlights. Like the day we all were made to introduce ourselves to our seniors. They tried ragging a little mildly but juniorism prevailed; the juniors ended up ragging the seniors. J
Or.. Like the day we went to a newspaper office at midnight to see the printing process! 

we were all so tired and sleepy....... waiting for the professor to come and guide us inside. but when we entered the place all the sleepiness has evaporated into the smell of newsprint sheets and inks..

hey remember the time we found one of the lecturers wearing two different kinds of sandals??? She did not notice the whole day and we could not take it anymore, so we simply pointed it out!!
Or the first time we noticed that out sir carried a white striped pen holder with him to class every day. 

It is made of cloth and has a small stuffed doggy attached, wearing a matching striped doggy-vest of some sort. It was so cute… When he left the class for a few minutes some of us grabbed the doggy and played with it ;)
There is so much more and I never want to forget any part of it. The last one year was the best in my life, thanks to every one of my classmates, my seniors and of course the professors. Happy anniversary guys!! Same time next year I hope all of us are nearer to our goals and doing something that makes us happy. I wish all my classmates the best of luck!


solo. said...

Reflective reminder...
... made me to remember my high school times sitting in the classroom for 6 hours. And also... flash back incidents passed nearly. Really, it is fascinating click...

Vishal Kataria said...

There are nothing like college days. Even the most stressful of times feel like bliss thanks to the company of friends. We wish those days never end. And then, when the dreaded days approach, we wish we could turn back time...

Shruthi said...

@Vishal you're right... i'm really dreading the day when college gets over..

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