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the girl in blue

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Not being a dentist turned out to be a stroke of good luck for Jerry.
Amid the constant rage of Sindey Sheldons, Dan Brown’s and the other fast paced thrillers, I had hardly noticed dainty little book like ‘the girl in blue’ until a friend recommended it. This review is actually pointless; I just read it now does not mean nobody else has read it… so I’m just going to say what I felt about it. Pardon my long winding sentences, for P G Wodehouse is all over my speech and writing.
The comedy in ‘the girl in blue’ written by P G Wodehouse is entirely made up of clever wit and mild sarcasm; it is like actually having a conversation and finding a joke in the situation. The Girl in blue here is a painting that goes missing, believed stolen. Meanwhile Jerry finds himself falling in love with a girl while being engaged to another. To make his love story end well he must find the girl in blue, and return her to the owner. Dialogues like “I have one idea” “I have, too” “You have two ideas?” “Oh, I should have said ‘also’” and a hundred other lines bring some smiles. It was like watching a delightfully funny movie from the last century where chaos is not substituted for comedy and where the success of the film solely relies on the intellect of the viewer.
The story sails like a boat in the calmest of seas, through a few days from the life of Jerry, the love of his life Jane, his rich Uncle Scrope and poor Uncle Scrope (they are brothers). His romance with the lovely Jane can only be described adorable, like depicting a delicate dame holding a frilled hand-fan over face with a gloved hand, and coyly batting her lashes at the man she loves.
The diabolical ‘butler’ Chippendale’s impertinent wit makes me wonder how nobody hits him in the head with a table in the entire book. The girl in blue was a delightful read.
PS. If anyone finds another one from the same author, read it and pass it on! J


Sujatha Sathya said...

seems like a book one must read.

Shruthi, can you pls remove the word verification for comments?

Shruthi said...

yup.. that is done. now you can comment unconditionally :)

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