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Baby blogger's day out.....

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Shruthi ramachandra feels like a real blogger today, having just attended a bloggers’ meet for the first time.

After I reached home, half-soaked in the rain and decorated with the choicest particles of the Bangalore air pollution, sporting my new IndiBlogger t-shirt and typing a spontaneous post, I feel like.... The boy who stood in his shoes and wondered, and wondered. (not exactly how John Keats says.. a little similar.) I still wonder… about how many bloggers there are, how long they have been blogging and how young I am! (for the record I am only 3 months old! When you comment, pair it with a chocolate for the kid J)
I also wondered about the new Samsung Galaxy tab that was being showed off like a parent showing off his gifted child. Baby Samsung is like a super-baby. Along with singing, dancing, drawing, painting, chatting nonstop and things like that, it can show you the world on a flat screen, and how it does that, I wondered. 

To people who understand technology it may look simple; my skull has technology-barriers.  Moreover, I love my baby, Nokia, the most.

Organizers from IndiBlogger are doing a terrific job organizing these meets and I applaud them for the efforts. For New-comers like me who just jumped into the sea of blogging, it was a tremendous experience. Cheers to the IndiBlogger team!! J
PS: this post is one day late because I had no internet connection! I should probably get a baby Samsung!!


Sujatha Sathya said...

i love your blog template - girly, dreamy & i can almost smell the roses - haha- nice one Shruthi

and i must say a good "spontaneous" post

Shruthi said...

:) thanks!

leoPaw said...

Even I'm a baby blogger. But never got a chance to attend a blogger meet. Thanks for sharing. And ya, may be I too should get a baby samsung.

Shruthi said...

@leoPaw hey! welcome to the club! next time there is a bloggers meet in your city make sure you're there.. it is super fun!

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