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Monday, June 6, 2011

The thing called beauty is everywhere. Not only is it in real life that we can see, it is in the virtual reel that keeps playing in our heads, a movie called memories. They are always in the back of the mind, suddenly popping out on unexpected occasions with an awkward chuckle or a lump in the throat. It is not just a picturesque landscape complete with a perfectly still lake reflecting the moon; it is also the memory of looking at such a photograph with a loved one and saying “let’s go there sometime…” “Of course, when we’re married…..”
Beauty is in the undying love between a husband and wife, a promise to be there for one another through thick and thin; and it is also in the silly teenage crush that is remembered while going through old diaries and photographs. It is in the memory of finally having talked to that special someone and coming back home to jump around and call up a dozen friends.
Beauty is in those bestsellers on the stands that amaze readers with pure genius… But it does not stop there. It is also when I’m sitting up late night writing an assignment and doze off for a second, then wake up with a jolt suddenly remembering the time in school I dozed off writing my homework and mom spanked me on the head. The very feel of that little nostalgic smile is beauty.
Beauty somehow gets into everything we love, even dad’s faded grey t shirt that’s two sizes too big. Memories are beautiful; they are a personal marvel when they string themselves together to tell a whole story that is exclusively yours with all those hysterical laughing spells that bring about giggles out of nowhere and those tears that a special someone had always wiped off. Beauty is there.. everywhere.


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