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Stop dayy-drrrrreaamingggg.........and get to work!

Friday, June 10, 2011

“For heaven’s sake STOP DAY-DREAMING! I can’t take it anymore.. All you do is dream and dream all day long! You always want to be in someone else’s shoes and just keep forgetting that you have your own pair of shoes. Including the high heeled ones you can barely stand in... You still have it! Now again.. AGAIN! You’re thinking about blogging about this and I’m pretty sure you won’t.. STOP..!”
Sorry.. That was my little voice yelling at me. Sometimes it tells me what to do and and sometimes yells at me like that. I wonder why I call it ‘little’…..
OK. So finally I am so fed up of myself day dreaming about meaningless stuff, that I have even changed the name of my blog. Don’t ask how much of dreaming is behind this very post!
It came up when I was studying about feature writing. Not writing a feature, not reading it, but studying about it. I was reading something like... “Feature writing is creativity within limits….” And I’m already at this antique rosewood desk writing away to glory; then I’m in the editor’s office where the editor is very happy with my feature and my colleagues are all jealous Blah Blah Blah…
It’s a blur from there because my little voice started yelling again. “YOUR EXAMS ARE THREE DAYS AWAY! SIT AND STUDY! YOU NEVER COMPLETE ANY WORK! YOU DON’T EVEN POST ON YOU BLOG! “
Now that was something I did not want to hear. But some great soul has quoted that we must try to turn our weaknesses into strengths. Who said it?
I can’t remember. If you remember tell me. Although I prefer you don’t tell me so I can pass it off as my own ;)
So if all I know to do is day-dream, that’s what I will do. ON MY BLOG. J
“You won’t last a week”
We will see.


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