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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yesterday when I remembered about my blog my little voice was dancing inside my head saying “I told you so I told you so I told you so”. So here I am today………. J
Anyway I can’t believe tomorrow is my EXAM!! What I find even hard to believe is I don’t feel worried at all!! Before you jump into ghastly conclusions that I have studied everything let me clarify, I have not studied ANYTHING! So it is definitely not confidence. All I have done is staring at a few important pages in my book really hard. If there is a camera in my brain with enough resolution and all I might have captured some images which will help me pass.  Or else………. L
“You have a huge syllabus and you don’t even have enough notes!”
There it is… hello little voice. It yells at me so much but can’t make me study. I wish I could get that tension everyone gets the day before the exam. I even sat down and watched two movies in one go and called up some friends to rant about how terribly I’m preparing, hoping that in the last minute I might get tense and actually concentrate on studying. Unfortunately right now I suddenly love music, can’t live without my phone, feel like sketching something and get ideas for my blog post. L
When mom called up asking me what I’m doing, very seriously I said “yeah I’m studying for tomorrow” hoping that would set me off. But I STILL CAN’T CONCENTRATE!!!
So this is the last thing I’m going to try. If I still can’t concentrate I’m going to stop being a nerd and go attend that exam without studying a word. Let’s see what happens J


dileep said...

whatever... but,you got 70% in 1st sem....congrats.

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