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My promise to parents :P

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A thousand million thoughts have been circling in my head from the past few weeks, but nothing as strong as my reaction when I saw this particular post on Facebook-

A parent’s argument to why they drive kids insane, apparently. At first there was annoyance and then dripping sarcasm ready to slip out, but both of those reactions would be irrational. So why don’t we split this point by point and give a child’s argument as to why they drive parents insane

First of all, if you’re going to be a parent first and a friend only later, even I’m going to be your child first. I can’t promise you a friend, because I’m choosy. There are only a few people I trust enough to be close friend and if you insist on being “parents first”, you won’t be one of them.

Maybe instead of going through the personal trauma of whether to be a friend of the chid or a parent, why don’t you try to understand your child first? Kids change all the time; today you may have to be cool to hang out with, tomorrow they’ll expect you to be responsible and help them with their savings. Kids grow, try doing the same thing. Oh you can’t change? Then leave the kid alone!

If you’re planning to flip out on me and track me down like a bloodhound, I’m just going to dodge you like an escaping prisoner. Chances are I’m very good at it, because I’m the tech-savvy next generation, remember?

You cannot protect me forever; if you really love me and you’re so keen on doing “anything in the world” for me, let me take my own risks and learn from my own mistakes.  If you haven’t muttered under your breath “this kid doesn’t listen to a word I say” at least a million times in your life, I’ve not grown up one bit.

If you think you can win a youngster’s heart with a message like this just because it says I Love You, get this. I’m going to avoid you, stay out of the house, not like home-cooked food, get bored in family outings and squirm out of your grip only because I Love you both and I really don’t want to start despising you. 

When you understand this, I’ll know that you’re wonderful parents. 

Share if you’re a child and you agree :P


Someone is Special said...

Hmmm.. Agree! Had this feeling many times in my life..

Someone is Special

Anonymous said...

You're not only a tech-savvy next gen child, but have the maturity to think beyond a stereotype parent! (your kids are gonna love you) :)


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