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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cost of living has shot up guys! Laughter is only the second best medicine for everything. The first is the retail therapy- shopping. I have shopped three times in the past one week so trust me, I know. If I had a credit card it would probably be every day. Now I guess I am officially addicted to shopping, labeled a shopaholic. Every day I go back home and call a friend to say “I shopped!!” and I hear an exasperated “oh not again!!” 
If you are not a shopaholic or never met one in your life, you will think I am crazy. I mean, you might say that money does not grow on plants. Clothes are only to cover the skin and seven sets of them is enough, One for each day of the week. And accessories are a waste of money and space in the wardrobe. Yes, I hear it. The rational miss goody-goody part of me nods and turns to walk out of the store. But I have an alter ego, a shopaholic in me always wheels me around.. Closer and closer to the clothes… then the trial room.. The billing counters…. And before I know it I would have swiped a card and walked out with a bag full of guilty-pleasure goodies. 
It is not that a plan to buy when I enter a mall or any stores. Sometimes I go with friends to help them choose, and more often than not the friend is too choosy, too conscious or too stingy. They’re looking for clothes that are
 “…not too flashy..”
“…. Should be very pretty…”
“…should be fitting perfectly……”,
“….not too dull colour, not too short, not too long sleeved….”
 She makes the sales guy pull dress after dress and tries them on one by one. The clothes keep piling up on the counter  and all I can think about is that the poor sales guy has to fold them and put them back in the shelves; and my good friend is not even likely to buy anything. Maybe out of sympathy for the sales guy, or  just sheer addiction, the shopaholic takes over me. she makes me LIKE THEM ALL and then the spell begins.. shelf.. trial room.. billing… swipe… out with a hand full of bags.
 It is irresistible and when I walk out with those bags full of stuff I got at a discount I feel a satisfaction like I just topped the exam, like I graduated from college, like i won the nobel prize for shopping. Shopping heals all my worries, it takes my mind off the serious stuff. It is like my hobby. Now that it has turned into an addiction (and a damn expensive one at that!), I have planned to hide my cash and cards so that the shopaholic me does not find it.  A small part of me hopes she does find it………….
*evil smile*:)


Sandhyashri Venugpopal said...

evil u...alter ego ya rite!!!!!!!!
Don't put the blame on something that does not exist...

p.s. shopping is AWESOME!!!(Barney style)
(i love the guy who found out shopping & will kill the guy found out that we need to pay for it... if i find him)

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