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Sorry for being an enigma

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Sorry for being an enigma
Attitudes change and people don’t.
But I’m not the same any more though.
I’m being an enigma,
Sorry for being so.

I’d rather care less than care too much.
I’d rather not wither at every touch.
If that means being empty inside,
So be it.
Someday when it’s too late,
I’ll just cry over it.
I’m not being heartless, no.
I’m just being an enigma.
So sorry for being so.

I want to to hold you close,
But I’ll ask you to leave me alone.
Sometimes the world is perfect
When you’re here,
Sometimes it’s just fear
That brings out tears
That everything I hold dear
Will someday fade away.
Sorry for being an enigma.
So sorry for being this way.

Attitudes change and people don’t.
But I’ll never be the same two days in a row.
I’m just being an enigma,
And I’m sorry for being so.


Kiran Prabhu said...

Lemme see if i can do this....

Why you are an enigma, ,maybe I'll never know,
That's just the way the world is, and yet we love it so.

The way we are, the things we do, we never have controlled, The up's and down's they come and go and none of then foretold.

Its good sign when words that rhyme, put down to one's state of mind, the peace we seek and the peace we get, is always a state of mind....

Keep writing lady.... you're good :)

Sachin Bhandarkar said...

Amazing ! :)

Hemavathi b v said...

too good! :)

vasumathi ramachandra said...

thank you for making me a proud mother by writing so well. love you:)

Sasikumar Rajappan said...

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