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Its 2012!!!

Saturday, December 31, 2011

The year we have all been dreading and waiting for has finally arrived!!! IT IS 2012!!
it is kind of sad that 2011 has gone by; it passed like a flash and click of a camera. it was a good year, 2011.

the year i shopped the most in my whole life.
the year i made the most number of friends.
the year I watched 'Brave Heart' and 'Big Bang Theory'
the year i attended my first concert and my wore my first 'press' ID card.
I was doing the 'countdown' on my laptop clock and when the seconds hand struck a straight 12, the calendar for December 2011 swiftly moved aside, making way for Jan 2012. made me want to pull back that December and give it one last kiss, and say Goodbye... *sniff!*

anyway from 2012 onward,
1. i will write/blog regularly
2. i will stop biting my nails, and
3. i'll stop sulking for silly things. and be happy!
this last one i recommend for everyone else too..! I hope this year turns out a hundred times better that the last! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ONE AND ALL!


soloejigu said...

.... of course 2011 was the year we, every one of us, experienced that we had never so.... of course 2011 was a year we brought up some sort of changes in our life, and 2011 was also a year that we tested and learned numerous lessons. On top of this, it was a year we achieved and failed to attain our promises fully or partially we had made on the eve of it.
Sis, as you said, it has passed leaving all its memories. In the year 2012, I wish, we all take a lesson from the earlier experience and also keep our promises that we made to ourselves and walk our talk. It is one of the step of our life stairs.
Happy new year to all who follow Gregorian Calender!!!!

I wait for your writings with suspense.

Someone is Special said...

Happy New Year to you Shruthi.. Let this year brings you the magic you wish..

Someone is Special

Shruthi said...

@solomon: thanks.. i wish the same too..! there is not one moment in this year that i regret, but still let us learn from our experiences.
@Someone is Special: thank you!



Burhan said...

Happy new year !!!!!!
All the best and hope u have wonderful year ahead

Leo Paw said...

Happy new year.

Rupertt Wind said...

belated happy new year shruthi!

keep true to your resolutions, because i just loved your post and would like to read some more!

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